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this site’s about what inspires me: development issues in india, theatre, music, writing… an eclectic mix, but who said life should be simple?
life’s a great big canvas…
throw all the paint
you can at it!
danny kaye

‘It is without any shadow of doubt the finest and most enjoyable piece of non-fiction that I have ever read.’

Jack Kelsey, founder trustee of SKCV

A quest for adventure becomes a labour of love as Mark Helyar gains intimate access into the heart of a society rarely experienced by the western world.

rising from the dust

india’s hidden voices

*** published as a web exclusive for Resurgence ***

The Sanctity of  Land

Money is still deemed to have more worth than natural assets  

new updated edition now published on Amazon Kindle; Apple iBook; 
Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo and Sony Reader
and receiving great 5* reviews!
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The new 2012 edition includes links to other relevant news, publications and online material released since the book was first published in 2008

hello and thanks for visiting the website of author, director and musician, mark helyar